What ABIA Membership can do for you

Unlike many wedding directories who send you lots and lots of bridal inquiries to you and another 20, 30 or 50 of your competitors, so they can all fight over the same bride, ABIA is designed to Close Sales inquiries based on the opinions of your past brides, who are the only entities qualified to evaluate the quality of your product, quality of service, value for money and your attitude. This is what differentiates ABIA from all other wedding marketing mediums.

ABIA Logos & Certificates
Use the ABIA’s logos and your Awards consistently on your website add the ABIA’s logos and your Awards to your email signature, make your Awards certificates and plaques clearly visible in your office and use  the ABIA’s logos in any print and documents sent to clients (such as business cards, promotional flyers, contracts, forms, stationary, newsletters, postage and signage)

Awards History

Place a link on your website which will direct your Brides to your ABIA Awards history and use your ABIA achievements in your sales pitches, during initial meetings and client consultations.

Bridal Ratings Report

The ratings which ABIA has gathered from the bridal nominations measures the opinions and satisfaction levels of the brides you have serviced. Analysing the bride’s experience is imperative to determining your businesses strengths and weaknesses, improving your business for brides-to-be and in turn, increasing your profits.

Specifically, the Report will outline:

1. How your brides rated your business in ABIA’s 4 PILLARS OF PERFECTION:
Quality of Product, Quality of Service, Value for Money and Attitude of Staff

2. How many brides voted for you as the Best Supplier of The Day

Social Media

Become part of the online community on Facebook. This is a free web hosting service that you should take full advantage of. This will allow you to establish a line of communication with your target audience and is a great way to build your business via word of mouth. Don’t forget, ABIA has a Facebook http://www.facebook.com/AustralianBridalIndustryAcademy so come ‘Like’ us and feel free to post on our wall so all our Brides can see you!

Update your customer base on your achievements either by SMS, post mail, email, facebook or twitter.

ABIA Co-Op Marketing Campaigns

Take advantage of the ABIA member discount for advertising campaigns to spread the word and reach a broader audience.


Lead Generation vs Closing the Deal

The ABIA is not primarily a leads generator, but rather,  a tool to ‘close’ sales. Using your ABIA Awards history to  convert LEADS into SALES.

Your leads can come from a variety of sources such as your business website, bridal directories, magazines, tv, radio or any other medium. Proving the quality of your service can turns these LEADS into SALES .

How does a Bride determine the quality of your service?
Though feedback of PAST BRIDES, directly through your ABIA Awards history and ratings.

Hence, not only does ABIA generate sales, but more importantly, it closes sales as it instils immediate trust in your future bride. ABIA is the only organisation that can provide this service!


The Value of ABIA Awards

The presence of ABIA award logos will:

  1. Reinforce the brides trust and credibility in the supplier;
  2. Provide recognition in the extensive bridal marketplace which is laden with below par suppliers;
  3. Build your reputation in your field.

 “Do not underestimate the power of corporate awards competitions. Your company will gain: a critical view of your operations, a challenge to improve and an opportunity for fame.” (Darrell Zahorsky)

Winning a category or being a finalist in the ABIA awards will open doors for you and be of great financial benefit. Many of our members have had to increase their prices and even establish themselves interstate and internationally. Just read our success stories  below.


The Myth about Bridal Directories

So you’re getting 50 leads per week from a bridal directory and you think “that’s fantastic!”… Think again!

The ABIA has undertaken extensive research and discovered the following:

The average bride will contact in excess of 104 suppliers to eventually select the 13 (average number of business used by brides) for her wedding. She will
send and receive in excess 350 emails to and from suppliers, to eventually end up with her final 13 suppliers. What does this mean? You just got a lead from a
wedding directory… but so did 20, 30 or 50 other competitors. The bride is now going to receive a tsunami of emails from interested suppliers all saying
” We pride ourselves on quality and service”. When the bride has read the first 20 emails from interested suppliers; all of them promising the same thing
…. the end result is- confusion!

So, why should she choose you? … Because you have a great ratings and awards history with ABIA!

ABIA Success Stories

Maleny  Manor

“For us ABIA is all about the credibility of our ratings and Awards especially for overseas and interstate clients. 
The ABIA’s  has allowed us to draw top paying clients in the first instance , the consistency of our awards and ratings has also helped  immensely. So with the first step in the door, they know we are quality consistent for wedding service and food. 
So the web is our first contact, then the awards and ratings give us the backing we need ….that we are what we say we are. With our ABIA ratings we have been able to increase our prices, we had a $180pp package and we put that on to see how far it would go…  it went so well ,we have now  launched a new top package at $250pp and we are just about booked out. 
So a quick overview: 
- You have credibility for top end clients and the overseas market booking site unseen.
- You have the ability to gradually ask for more money pp.
- You have the chance to standout from the crowd.
- You can recommend the suppliers you like to work with and that are of a standard
- you like and also make yourself look good on the day i.e hair, makeup, entertainers etc.
- And you have a Nationally recognised Brand dedicated to the advancement and credibility of the top wedding supplier.” 

See Maleny Manor’s History Profile


Rolling Scissors

“For me ABIA is like a silent salesperson. It’s taken me years to build up my profile with ABIA, but it’s been worth all the effort as I now have a track record that is undisputable. When the brides click my on my name on the ABIA website and see my consistent ratings since 2005 they are immediately sold on my services. It may take time to build a reputation with ABIA, but in the end it’s all worth the effort as it enables me to stand out from the crowd.”
See Rolling Scissors History Profile

The Courthouse Restaurant

“Being a multi award winner and consistent finalists of an ABIA since 2005 has been one of the main reasons why we are booked out so long in advance for weddings. The ABIA has become such an integral part of our marketing that we have put a link to our Ratings History on our Home Page, which has delivered over 120 ratings referrals per month to our ABIA History Page. Once the brides see our consistent ratings, all the trepidation and fear of wondering if she is selecting a reliable supplier disappears. So to us, ABIA is all about credibility and the ability to charge what our past brides believe we are worth.” 

See The Courthouse Restaurant History Profile

ABIA …. Closes Sales for those who have a proven track record.