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The Professional Bridal Vendor

Out of the 35,508 wedding suppliers rated by ABIA brides since the establishment of ABIA in 1997, 21,628  have either gone broke, ceased servicing weddings or disappeared off ABIA’s Radar. The simple reason for such a high attrition rate is; anyone can enter the wedding marketplace irrespective of their knowledge, experience, expertise or reputation.

In most wedding categories suppliers don’t need a degree,  certification, accreditation or a licence (Marriage Celebrants excepted) to legitimise thier expertise and experience in designing a dream wedding.

Considering that a wedding day is a one off event which cannot be repeated should something go wrong, selecting the most reliable, professional and trustworthy vendors to design and deliver the brides perfect day is paramount to the success of any wedding.



The Organisational Process

Based on ABIA statistics, the average Australian bride will engage 13 different vendors for her wedding. Selecting which vendors to engage for their wedding can be a daunting task for the novice couple who have never had to organise a one off event for 20, 50, 100, 200 or 300+ wedding guests. The average wedding couple will correspond with 8 different vendors in each of their chosen wedding categories, ie. 8 Venues, 8 Celebrants, 8 Photographers, 8 Florists etc, totalling 104 wedding vendors; to eventually come up with a final list of wedding vendors.


Why choose an ABIA rated Vendor?

Choosing an ABIA rated vendor to service the wedding takes all the heartache, disappointment, frustration and annoyance out of organizing a wedding.

The ABIA Ratings System enables couples to locate the best wedding vendors as they have been ranked, rated and evaluated by past couples and Australia’s peak industry body.
Choosing an ABIA rated wedding vendor who has been a Winner or Finalist in the ABIA State Awards provides couples with peace of mind knowing that past brides have appraised these vendors for the Quality of their Product, Quality of their Service, Value for Money and most important their Attitude to you the customer.



Chose a Designer of Dreams

Choosing an ABIA rated Vendor who has been a Winner or Finalist in ABIA’s national titles known as the “Designer of Dreams” Award is even more comforting as all of these vendors have not just been ranked, rated and evaluated over a one year period (State Awards) but over 4 consecutive years.

These vendors are at the peak of their profession and are highly sought after by brides and grooms. Selecting a “Designer of Dreams” vendor to service your wedding needs is the ultimate choice for the discerning bride who seeks assurance that they have selected not just the best in their State but the best in Australia.


View the best – Choose the best

See the State and National Winners of the ABIA award HERE.

To view all wedding vendors registered with ABIA go to the ABIA Directory and select your Category/State and or ABIA Members. When you see the list, click on their name to open their profile where you will see all their ratings.



Best wishes to all wedding couples:
“May life together be a river of happiness with inlets of pure bliss”.