How do I Register a Wedding / Get Nominated?

If it is of interest to your business to be nominated for the ABIA Awards, please contact the head office here.

When should I Register the Wedding?

ABIA recommends that vendors register the wedding as close to the wedding date as possible, as the Wedding Day will still be fresh in the Brides mind and the excitment to vote for your services will still be there. This will also reduce the chances of the bride changing her email address. Please note that only weddings which occured in the last 12 months can be registered.

 What if the Wedding Invitation has Expired  or was Withdrawn?

If your invitation has expired, it means the bride has failed to rate your services within the specified period of 42 days. This may be because it landed in the brides junk mail which automatically deletes after 7 days, or another supplier has registered this wedding and the bride did not take action on the request to vote. To fix this issue, simply email with the brides name, email and wedding date and ask to have the wedding invitation reactivated.

If a bride has rejected her invitation to rate your services, the wedding history will show that the invite has been withdrawn. This wedding invitation cannot be reactivated.

What does it mean if the Wedding Invitation has been Accepted or is Pending?

An accepted or pending invitation means that the Bride has accepted the invitation, however, she has not taken the further steps required to rate your services. In this circumstance, the bride needs to go back into the email and click on the link provided which will open up a rating form for her to fill out.

I am trying to Declaring Services to the Wedding, but it keeps asking me to select a category?

If you have trouble declaring your services, see this video.

I have a business in more than 1 state, do I have to register each business?

Yes, each business needs to be registered in its appropriate state as the ABIA Awards are determined on a state by state basis.

My business details are no longer correct, how do I update them?

Updating your details and business profile is easy. Simply Log-In with your username and password and open up the Edit Business Profile tab. You should ensure all these details are correct and up to date. This is your chance to promote yourself to brides!

How do I get ABIA logos and certificates?

All suppliers will recieve the appropriate logos and certificates upon becoming ABIA Accredited Members.

Suppliers who are only listed on the directoy, are not permitted to use ABIA logo’s or branding in any form. This extends to references made to ABIA Awards and Accreditation, on the web or in print form.

If your business is not a member of the ABIA and you are currently using the ABIA brand, we kindly request that you desist immediately.

ABIA is striving for excellence in the bridal industry, therefore it will continue to allow non-members to participate in the awards and be part of the online directory listing. However, in fairness to ABIA member suppliers, we cannot allow non-members to display the ABIA brand. We would like to sincerely thank all of our members for supporting ABIA and helping to improve the bridal industry. If you wish to use the ABIA brand, please contact us to arrange membership so you may acquire its ensuing privileges.

What are the benefits of being an ABIA Accredited Member?

Pleasee see our Membership and Accreditation for a full outline of the benefits and privilges of ABIA membership.

How can ABIA help me advertise my business?

At ABIA we recognize the financial strains that Marketing & Advertising can put on small businesses. ABIA is committed to helping you continue to achieve your sales targets so that your business will grow and prosper. In short – we want to help you promote your business! Please see our Current Co-Op Marketing Campaigns.