ABIA Awards Registration Process

1. Register your Business

Register your business with the ABIA. You will then receive a Username & Password for your Supplier Administration Page.

2. Log-In

Log-in to your Supplier Administration Page using the Username & Password.

3. Register your Weddings

Once you are logged-in, click on ‘Register a Wedding’ Tab.
You can register any wedding which you serviced over the past 12 months, by filling out the appropriate details.

4. Wait to be Rated & Reviewed

By registering a wedding, the bride will automatically receive a voting form via the email you entered in the registration form.
The bride will use this form to rate the Quality of your Product, the Quality of your Service, the Value for Money and the Attitude of you or your Staff.

If the bride does not vote once she has received the auto invitation to vote, ABIA will re-email the voting form every 14 days for 6 weeks. After this time, the invitation will expire.

5. Participate in the Awards

ABIA will calculate your ratings using a mathematical algorithm and compare your ratings with your competitors in each category. From this we are able to determine the Winners & Finalists.