young love

Tulin & Osman Kemikler
23rd of September, 2011

“It is more than just a piece of material, it is a way of life…It defines who I am”

childhood crush:

Tulin and Osman first met at Saturday language classes, when they were 11 years old. Tulin said  “I remember he used to follow me around the school and try to talk to me.”  After Tulin finished school, it would be 6 years until they met again. It was meant to be when they met by chance, where Tulin worked as Bank teller and Osman was her customer. Tulin recognised him instantly! Two years later, the couple were engaged and finally married on the 23rd of September 2011.

the bride:

Tulin wore a stunning white dress, adorned with crystals, diamonte’s and lace.
The bride’s Hijab and extravagant, long white veil perfectly complimented her gown and was accompanied by a beautiful bouquet of champagne coloured roses, draped in pearls and crystals.

the cake:

The Bride and groom gleamed as they cut their dazzling 3 tiered cake, white on white cake, which was embellished with cascading crystals, wrapped in diamanté’s and topped with a bed roses.

the bridesmaids:

Tulin’s four bridesmaids wore matching Grecian-style dresses in a shade of azure, their hair perfectly manicured into a side-swept plait and all decorated in dazzling jewels.

a way of life:

The Bride wore a beautiful white headpiece on her wedding day, known as the Hijab.

“It is more than just a piece of material, it is a way of life…It defines who I am”, says Tulin.

The Hijab covers the hair of a Muslim woman and is worn to guard their modesty. In Islam, women are regarded as precious and the hijab is worn to cover their beauty just like hidden treasure till its uncovered. The Hijab also teaches men to respect women and value their personality, skills, ideals and knowledge rather than their physical attributes.

islamic marriage: 

Prior to the exchanging of vows, Tulin and Osman also entered into an Islamic Marriage at Auburn Galipolli Mosque, in the presence of their close family and friends. This religious tradition is essentially an agreement between a man and woman to become husband and wife with God’s will. Once the couple undertake an Islamic Marriage they are considered to have an valid Islamic marriage.


Tullin & Osman’s Wedding Vendors

Hair Styling  by L’Bridal Hair by Lizzie
L’Bridal Hair is an ABIA Ambassador, winning the NSW award over 5 times.
Lizzie has also achieved the National Winning Title as Austalia’s No.1 Wedding Hairstylist since 2006

Le Chic Make-up by Susie Ayoub

Susie Ayoub was awarded the winner’s title in NSW’s 2011 ABIA Awards.

Photography by Alan Khan Photography