Celebrating the dedicated South Australian Wedding Industry.This year was South Australia’s 12th Bridal Industry Awards and boy was it a prodigious success!
An entertaining evening was had by all at the glamorous Stamford Grand Adelaideon the pier in Glenelg!Many industry professionals congregated to celebrate and revel with the crème de la crème of the South Australian wedding industry!After a welcoming of appetising canapés and pre-drinks, guests proceeded to the beautifully decorated ballroom by award-winning Set Your Scene to take their happy snaps in the playful Vintage Photobooths.Whilst all enjoyed their delicious 3 course meal prepared by the masterly chefs of the Stamford Grand kitchen; John O’Meara, the 10 Year ABIA Chairman announced 165 Finalists over 34 categories, with many guests gripping their chair as they anxiously waited to hear the winner of their category! As each overwhelmed winner made their way to the stage, ABIA Ambassador, The Entertainment People would play a relevant song to the category setting a merrymaking mood!

Marilyn Monroe’s, Diamonds are a girls best friend for wedding rings? Totally appropriate!

Following the awards presentation, Pulse Band rocked the stage as the ABIA Winners & Finalists rocked that dance floor!

As we all know everyone can’t win an award.
However let’s sound a little cliché and say because of everyone’s hard work over the past year, we all left the 2012 South Australian Bridal Industry Awards as WINNERS! Oh…I forgot to mention, to top the evening off, we also each left with a scrumptious mud-chocolate cupcake donated by multi-award-winning Heidelberg Cakes…..a must try!

Future Brides of South Australia, want your dream wedding?
See the Winners & Finalists of 2012!


2012 South Australia Bridal Industry Awards