The chart below displays the POP estimate of weddings held on each day of the calendar year.
(Example: 1st Saturday of January has a forecast of 326 weddings)



The most popular day of the wedding calendar year is Saturday with 69,741 weddings representing 59% of the national market.
The most popular Saturday of the year is the 2nd Saturday in November followed  closely by the 4th Saturday of March.
The most popular wedding month of the year is November (15,693) followed by October (15,391)

Wedding Forecast by State and Expenditure.

 The chart below displays the ABIA 12 month forecast of marriages by State, State percentage of national market, estimated wedding budget and total revenue by State.
(Example: in NSW, the ABIA estimate of marriages in the coming 12 months is 41,720, representing 34.266% of total Australian market.
Brides spending less than $10,000 will spend $438 million, brides spending between $10K and $20K will spend $755 million.)
The total value of all brides expenditure forecast for NSW is $884,439,382.)

Market Forecast by Expenditure

The chart below displays the number and percentage of brides who will spend $X on their wedding.
(Example: 36% (15,020) brides in NSW will spend less than $10,000 on their wedding)

 The top 15%, (18,267) brides  will spend $100 million more on their wedding than the bottom 36% (43,830) brides.
The largest segment of the market in terms of  turnover is the $10,000 to $20,000 market space at $755 million per annum.

Acknowledgements: Federal Attorney General’s Dept’, Australian Bureau of Statistics, State & Territory Births, Deaths & Marriages.
Copyright: 2013, Australian Bridal Industry Academy