every time you receive a lead, 19* of your competitors have received the same enquiry. You need a point of difference to set yourself apart from your competitors.

*ABIA has undertaken extensive research and discovered, when using popular bridal directories,
a bride will receive an average of 19 automated responses from various wedding suppliers.

What does this mean?: You just received a cold lead from the bridal directory… and so did 19 other suppliers.

What does this mean for the bride?: The bride has enquired about 13 categories of suppliers, on average, for her wedding……the bridal directory has now provided 19 leads per category and she will be overwhelmed with almost 250 emails.

Use ABIA to set yourself apart

from your competitors

So, you may think… “Brilliant! I’m getting 20 leads per week!”.… but think again, because, so are all your competitors. These are EMPTY leads that generate a very low ratio of actual sales, unless you can set yourself apart from your competitors, in a very short space of time- usually in the first line of your initial email.

What does ABIA recommend you put in the line? A simple link… to your ABIA Awards History.

Your awards history tells a thousand words.
Instant credibility is given to your business when a Bride-to-Be sees yours award history.

This link shows future brides exactly how your past brides have collectively rated your business in

four (4) of the most important criteria:

Quality of Product, Quality of Service, Value for Money & Attitude of Staff.

Think of your ABIA awards history and business profile as a
SEAL OF APPROVAL from your past brides.

Word of Mouth
is the most powerful marketing tool.

A bride will choose a supplier who has had their services and products rated by their past brides over a competitor that “promises” the same quality of service.

Your ABIA logos and your bridal ratings will help move you from the bride’s shortlist of suppliers, to the top of her list as her booked supplier.

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(All non-member profiles will not show ABIA Awards history as of Tuesday, 31st of July)

For more information on how to be eligible for an ABIA award, registering your brides and improving your chances of winning, please contact Angelica at the office on 07 55 71 5550 or via email at