Free PAID Advertising on Facebook Sponsored by ABIA

Ever wondered whether it’s worth paying for Facebook Advertising?

ABIA is offering to pay for one supplier (per category depending on the success of the campaign) to
advertise an ‘Offer’ to potential clients, engaged couples and brides.

What ABIA will pay for:

An ‘Offer’ advertisement that will reach 5,000 – 10,000  persons in Australia who use Facebook.
We can tailor this to suit your requirements, ie.  target engaged couples, females, specific interests.
We can restrict the offer (must be minimum of 10) and state terms & conditions if you wish.

What ABIA is looking for:

An ‘Offer’ from a supplier which can be redeemed by a minimum of 10 clients.
Eg: ”Receive 50% off our Makeup range!”

ABIA will choose the best ‘Offer’ proposed by a supplier in Hair or Makeup to begin this campaign.

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