What is in store for non-members in 2013?

As of the 8th of January 2013, ABIA will be charging an annual nominal administration
fee of $100.00 for all non-member businesses listed on the directory
who wish to be eligible and compete in State/National ABIA Awards.


The Annual Bridal Industry Awards are a momentous occasion and gala event held for the recognition of the best bridal suppliers in QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and WA.
The Industry is important to the ABIA, hence each supplier is important to us,
however, it is perceived as though our non-members do not see the importance of ABIA and its benefits.

Many do not realise the amount of work, resources and expenses involved in the preparation of and hosting the ABIA Awards. The ABIA awards are not a gratuitous event. ABIA’s expenses comprise of the following costs: venue hire, food and beverage packages, the audio and visuals and travel. Furthermore, each individual awards event takes over 4 weeks to plan and organise, this in itself is very laborious and thus, there are expenses involved in hiring additional staff to oversee the operation and management of these events. Not to mention, there are extensive costs involved in web programming, facilitating, monitoring and auditing the nomination and voting process on a constant basis, throughout the year.

ABIA suppliers who are non-members use these functionalities and continue to become Finalists and Winners without being charged any fees for the servicing of the ABIA Awards. Yet, ABIA continues to promote non-members on the directory with their corresponding awards and advertises their achievements on the Awards results page which is promoted to future brides.

In order for ABIA to continue to manage the systems, develop and upgrade new awards functionalities, maintain a standard of excellence in auditing and investigation procedures on over 30,000 bridal nominations per annum as well as assist suppliers in hundreds of nominations and voting enquiries everyday and in order to physically host the annual awards across the country, ABIA will be implementing a nominal and compulsory Awards administration and entry fee, as of January 8th, 2013.

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